40 Best Short Haircuts for Round Faces 2019

Best Short Asymmetrical Haircuts for Round Faces

Getting one of these best short haircuts for round faces might be an irresistible experience for some of us. Specifically, for those who do not know which short haircut will suit their round face shape, this gallery is excellent. However, it’s worth to bearing in mind that having a round face requires some features that you need to know before going your next hair appointment. Let’s see them:

First things first, soft waves can be accepted as a best way to style short haircuts for some hair stylists. Therefore, you may want to try it who knows maybe they know something.

Best Short Haircuts for Round Faces

Round face shape can create the illusion that you are overweight, even if you are not. However, it is possible to make round faces look slimmer and more oval-like with the right haircuts. Here is a list of the best short haircuts for round faces.

Best Layered Short Haircuts for Round Faces

It is possible to draw the attention to your hair with layered haircuts for short hair. You may want to keep your bangs right below your cheekbones to accentuate them.

Best Asymmetrical Short Haircuts for Round Faces

One of the best short haircuts for round faces is the asymmetrical short haircuts. When long bangs are combined with a short back, it makes your face look much longer.

Choppy Haircuts

A great way of adding more volume to your hair, thereby making your face look smaller. Choppy bobs can be a great choice for round faces.

Pixie Haircuts

Pixie haircuts, when combined with long bangs, provide more length to your face. It is a great haircut for almost all face and hair types.

Cropped Haircuts

Here is a great option for self-confident women. Short cropped haircuts are great for adding more length to your face, and as a plus, they are very easy to maintain.



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